7 Things to Onboard Gen Z Successfully

First impressions are important, and employers today are expanding their efforts to welcome new employees, many of whom are new to the workplace. While we are providing suggestions specifically for Gen Z, you might find these ideas attractive to new hires of any generation.   

Do you remember your first day at your very first job? Were you more nervous than excited? Did you feel a bit scared about what to do and where to go? Today’s Gen Z individuals are entering the workforce, and here’s an idea of what they think about on their first day of work: 

  • “I was excited but also a little nervous on my first day. I didn’t know anyone at the company and wasn’t sure what to expect, but my manager made me feel welcome right away.” – Sarah, 23 
  • “I felt a little overwhelmed by all the information I was given on my first day, but I appreciated that the team leader took the time to walk me through everything and answer my questions.” – James, 21 
  • “I was impressed by how friendly and supportive everyone was on my first day. I already feel like I’m part of the team.” – Lily, 20 

These quotes highlight some common themes among Gen Z individuals starting a new job, such as feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness, appreciating clear communication and guidance, and valuing a supportive and inclusive company culture. 

It’s important for companies to understand the values of Gen Z and what they need to integrate into a new role successfully. Gen Z values transparency, diversity, and inclusion, and a sense of purpose in their work. By providing a clear onboarding plan, a supportive mentor, and opportunities for growth and development, companies can create a positive onboarding experience that aligns with Gen Z’s expectations. 

Seven Ways to Support Gen Z

Here are seven best practices for a successful onboarding experience that the newest generation in the workforce will appreciate: 

  1. A clear onboarding plan: A well-structured onboarding plan that outlines the first few weeks on the job can help new hires feel more prepared and less overwhelmed. It should include an introduction to the company’s history, culture, and values, as well as the specific expectations for the new hire’s role. 
  1. A buddy program: Assigning a mentor or buddy to new hires can help them feel more connected to the company and provide them with someone to turn to for guidance and support. This person can also introduce them to team members and show them the ropes. 
  1. A comprehensive introduction: An introduction to the company’s history, values, and mission can help new hires understand the bigger picture and feel more aligned with the company’s goals. It’s also important to introduce them to key stakeholders and make sure they understand their role in the organization. 
  1. On-the-job training: Providing opportunities to learn new skills can help new hires feel more confident and capable in their role. This can include shadowing more experienced employees or participating in workshops and training sessions. 
  1. Social events: Hosting social events, such as lunches or happy hours, can help new hires get to know their colleagues and feel more included in the company culture. This can be especially important for remote workers who may feel isolated. 
  1. Recognition: Recognizing new hires for their contributions and achievements can help them feel valued and appreciated. This can include acknowledging them in company meetings or offering incentives for hitting certain milestones. 
  1. Feedback: Providing regular feedback and check-ins can help new hires understand how they’re performing and make any necessary adjustments. This can also help them feel more connected to their team and the company. 

To put some of these tips in context, let’s take a look at one brand that’s been successfully aligning its approach to hiring and onboarding with Gen Z’s values and expectations. 

Glowing Reviews from Gen Z 

One company that is known for hiring members of Gen Z is Glossier, a beauty brand that has built a cult following among younger consumers. Glossier has a reputation for its inclusive and diverse company culture, and its products are marketed to a younger, digitally savvy demographic. 

So, what does Glossier do specifically to attract and onboard Gen Z workers successfully?  

Social media marketing: Glossier has built its brand through social media, with a focus on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. By creating visually appealing content and engaging with its audience, Glossier has been able to cultivate a dedicated following among younger consumers. 

Diverse and inclusive marketing: Gen Z wants to see “people like me.” Glossier’s marketing campaigns feature a range of diverse models and influencers, which has helped to attract a wide range of customers. This commitment to diversity and inclusivity is also reflected in the company’s hiring practices. 

A focus on values: Glossier has a strong focus on its values, which include inclusivity, community, and sustainability. These values are integrated into the company’s hiring process, and new hires are expected to align with them. 

Mentorship and development: Mentorship programs and opportunities for career development can be especially appealing to younger employees who are just starting their careers. 

A supportive culture: New hires are given the support and resources they need to succeed, and the company’s culture encourages open communication and feedback. 

 A Happy Start 

The onboarding experience can make all the difference for a new hire. By implementing some of these ideas and best practices, companies can help new employees feel welcome, confident, and excited to contribute to the company’s goals and objectives and become valuable members of the team. 

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