How AI Can Help You Prepare for Job Interviews

With as much buzz as there is around AI, you might be rethinking your approach to many of the tasks on your plate. You might even be wondering how AI can assist you in landing your next job. Here are some ideas on how to leverage the powers of artificial intelligence tools and apply them to increase your success in job interviews.  

Preparing to Win 

Let’s imagine you’ve landed a job interview, and your recruiter has shared the names of three people who will be part of the process. Likely you’d venture over to LinkedIn and scour their profiles for potential common ground. Now, you can supercharge that process with an AI browser extension called Crystal. Crystal can help you understand the personality of any person with a LinkedIn profile and what motivates them so that you can be strategic in how you communicate with them. Think empathetic communication on steroids. 

The tool’s free version gives you access to a DISC personality analysis of up to ten LinkedIn profiles. But what’s even more interesting is the visual graph it provides comparing your personality traits with theirs. So, for example, you can easily see that you both are in the high range of being skeptical and pragmatic. Using the DISC insights, you can also understand what energizes your potential colleague or leader, what drains them, and what are their strengths. The tool even provides tips on making a great impression and building trust based on their personality. 

Making the Right First Impression 

Say you decide to send an email on LinkedIn to make a friendly introduction. You could draft something based on Crystal’s information, or you can take that information to ChatGPT or Bard and use Crystal’s tips to describe your email task. An example would be, “I need to introduce myself to Joe Brightside on LinkedIn before an upcoming interview. Please write a short intro knowing that Joe is a DISC IS profile, a Harmonizer. Domention mutual connections and use a warm, friendly tone.Don’t be overly serious early on; keep it more casual.” 

Then, you can paste the email ChatGPT or Bard created into Crystal for further suggestions and refinement. For example, it may suggest using more “feeling” words to connect with Joe’s style. 

Follow Up  

You now have data from your conversations to evaluate whether Crystal was correct in her assessment of the LinkedIn Profile. Always remember, there’s room for error with AI tools; validation and fact-checking are still required. For example, someone may have hired a service to write their resume, and it may not accurately reflect their true colors. Remember that you are the editor and director, and it’s wise to take a “maybe” mindset to AI’s analysis. 

For our purposes, let’s assume that it was spot-on about Joe. Now you can develop a prompt for the follow-up email with specific details from your interview notes. What makes these tools so effective is that they remind you to focus on the person you intend to work with, so they feel that you understand them, which trumps all attempts to impress them with what you know. Instead of your story being “all about you,” you are empowered to demonstrate how you “get them” and their needs. AI makes the application of the research data more effortless than it’s ever been. 

Scratching the Surface with AI Assistance 

The upgraded versions of Crystal include much more, for example, data based on other popular personality profile tools, Enneagram and 16 Personality. Crystal is a robust collection of intelligence for prospecting, teams, writing, and enriching Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It offers custom playbooks for various meeting types, like Onboarding, 1-on-1s, career advice, job evaluations, and more. 

Crystal also allows employers to source candidates on LinkedIn based on personality types, and it provides insights to assist with managing and leading teams.  

What’s Next? 

As fast as artificial intelligence grows, new solutions are being created and upgraded. There will undoubtedly be more to come very soon.  One benefit of this kind of AI application is the trend toward helping people understand each other personally, enabling greater transparency and empathy. We’d love to hear your thoughts about AI. How is AI working for you?   







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