How Sharing Core Values Can Help Attract Top Talent

The career landscape is more competitive than ever, and organizations are constantly on the hunt for top talent. One of the most effective ways companies can set themselves apart is by prominently sharing and living by their core values. By doing so, they don’t just broadcast what they stand for; they create a magnetic culture that attracts like-minded individuals.

Why Are Core Values Important to Prospective Employees?

In today’s work environment, a paycheck isn’t the only thing that motivates employees. More and more individuals are keen on finding a workplace where they can connect deeply, feel valued, and believe in the larger mission. They want to know:

  • What does the company stand for?
  • How do they treat their employees and the broader community?
  • Will they be working in a nurturing and inclusive environment?

For these individuals, a company’s core values are more than words on a wall; they reflect the organization’s heart and soul. And if there’s a disconnect between what a company professes and how it acts, talented employees will take notice and likely look elsewhere.

Equiliem’s Internal Recruiting Manager, Abbie Martin, said, “It’s extremely important in our first interview to describe the culture and our values for two reasons. First, we want to ensure they are in alignment, and more importantly, we want to be transparent about what it’s like to work here so that someone starts feeling like they have the full picture, and they know how to be successful at Equiliem. By being transparent and interviewing for core values alignment, we know our new hires will have a much higher retention rate, which is a win-win for everyone.”

5 Places Prospective Employees Look for a Company’s Core Values

Company values are exhibited in actions and words that ripple through the business community and to consumers and employees alike. Every touchpoint or communication is an opportunity to consider alignment with core values. Prospective employees might want to see evidence of how the company brings its core values to life. Strive for authenticity across all touchpoints with your candidate community.

  1. Company Websites: The prominent spots for sharing core values are the ‘About Us’ or ‘Our Values’ pages.
  2. Job Postings and Job Descriptions: Consider your job postings and job descriptions. Besides including a reference to your core values, consider whether the job description aligns. Is it laden with jargon, or does it feel like a conversation with a human being, someone likely to be in the role? Also, does the role sound interesting, challenging, and housed within a supportive environment? Suppose honesty, integrity, transparency, and equality are among your values. In that case, you’ll want to be sure it includes information about the expectations of your company culture, and yes, do disclose the compensation range for every position.
  3. Recruitment Process: Recruiting and onboarding communications play into the job candidate’s critical first impression. Your presence at job fairs, how current employees interact at business events and mixers, email communications, and how you keep people informed about the process are actions that validate core values.
  4. Social Media: Your company’s posts are only part of how people see your values in action; your engagement with the community and how you respond to comments matter, too. For example, do you reply to someone’s negative post on Glassdoor? Does the way you answer align with the values?
  5. Community Engagement: The real, face-to-face world matters, too. How a company engages with its local community, philanthropic initiatives, and volunteer efforts speaks to its core values. Do you offer your employees paid time for volunteering? What organizations does the business support? Are you “walking the talk” regarding charity and contributing to others?

Authenticity Wins

In the race to attract the best talent, it’s not just about who offers the best salary or benefits; it’s about who offers meaningful, values-driven work experiences. Every picture tells a story, every conversation leaves an impression, and actions are the purest indicator of character. Companies that recognize this and ensure that their core values are reflected at every touchpoint will always have an edge in the talent market. For them, it’s not just about hiring employees; it’s about building a community.


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