How to Shine When Headed to a Career Fair

Are You Headed to a Career Fair? Here’s How Tech Can Help You Shine.

In 2023, in-person career fairs made a comeback as screen-fatigued people embraced face-to-face communication. However, technology remains entwined with the career fair experience. The benefits of virtual events—massive reach, instant interview matchmaking, reduced travel costs, and environmental impact are too great to be overlooked. Virtual apps and platforms are part of today’s career fair experience, whether entirely virtual or live. Here’s how you can prepare to make the most of it.

Preparing for Your Meet and Greet

Research with Precision: Research the companies that will be attending. Some event platforms have bookmarking capabilities to ensure you don’t miss a favorite potential employer.

Dive deep into potential employer companies using platforms like LinkedIn and Glassdoor.

On LinkedIn:

  • Company Updates and News: Look for recent posts, announcements, or articles shared by the company. This can give you insights into their latest achievements, product launches, or strategic initiatives.
  • Employee Profiles: Review profiles of current and past employees, especially those in roles or departments you’re interested in. Note their career paths, skills, endorsements, and how they present their experiences and achievements.
  • Company Culture and Values: Many companies use LinkedIn to showcase their culture, values, and mission. Understanding these can help you assess the company’s work environment and how it aligns with your personal values.
  • Posted Content and Articles: Analyze the content the company publishes, including articles, blog posts, and updates. This can provide a sense of their industry position, thought leadership, and areas of focus.
  • Networking Opportunities: Identify potential contacts or network connections within the company. Engaging with them might provide insider insights and could be beneficial for future networking.

On Glassdoor:

  • Employee Reviews: Deep dive into what current and former employees have to say about their experiences working for the company. Look for patterns or repeated mentions of pros and cons and pay special attention to reviews from your area of expertise or interest.
  • Salary Information: Check for salary ranges for positions like the ones you’re interested in. This can help you understand the compensation landscape and set realistic expectations.
  • Interview Insights: Look at the interview section to find out what candidates have experienced during the hiring process. This can give you an idea of the interview format, types of questions asked, and how to better prepare.
  • Ratings and Trends: Examine overall company ratings, trends over time, and how they compare to industry standards. Also, consider the CEO approval rating and the percentage of employees who would recommend the company to a friend.
  • Questions and Answers: Some companies have a Q&A section where employees and outsiders can ask questions about the company. This can provide additional insights that are not covered in reviews.

Additional Boxes to Check

Refine Your Elevator Pitch with AI: Utilize tools like ChatGPT and AI to refine and practice your in-person pitch. Craft a succinct introduction that highlights the value you can bring to potential employers.

Optimize Your Online Presence: Be sure your online profiles and portfolios are up to date. Then be prepared if you are asked to share. Have your laptop or tablet ready with your portfolio loaded to show your work directly during conversations or consider digital business cards with a QR code that links to your profile or work samples.

Familiarize Yourself with the Career Fair Platform and/or Mobile App: Explore the event platform’s features, such as job boards, matchmaking tools, and event scheduling. Test your video and audio setup, and acquaint yourself with chat, polling, Q&A, and networking features.

Note-Taking Strategy: Decide how you’ll take notes during the event. Some platforms offer built-in note-taking functionalities, while others may require external methods like voice recordings or dedicated note apps.

What’s on the Horizon?

Soon, expect advancements in the career fair landscape driven by technology:

Avatars and Gamification: Look for avatars and gamified experiences designed to enhance engagement. Interactive quizzes and wizards can help you connect with opportunities that align with your skills and interests.

Metaverse-like Experiences: Some companies may create metaverse-like environments within career fair platforms, offering immersive experiences to engage attendees. These virtual spaces could simulate real-world interactions and company cultures, providing a unique insight into potential employers.

Facilitating the Best Connection

As technology continues to evolve, so will the career fair experience. The tools and technology can elevate your job search efforts and help you stand out in today’s competitive job market. But remember that your genuine curiosity, interest, and skill sets are the primary focus of the day.


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