New College Grad? Try a Temp Job

If you had an undecided major, or switched majors, during college, this feeling can be applicable to the working world. Professionals often change careers and jobs. While you may have an ideal industry or career trajectory, you may not have a job lined up post-grad. That’s why temp work can be ideal.

Temporary jobs last, as they sound, for a limited period. They can range anywhere from a few weeks to a year or more, but there is usually a determined end date. Workers can be employed on a full-time basis, part-time basis, on call, or as needed.

Shorter-term positions can be beneficial for college graduates who are figuring out what they really want to do and/or need some more work experience while they search. Here are some reasons that temp jobs and college graduates go well together:

Try on different careers
Maybe you don’t know what you want to do yet. Or maybe you thought you did, but expectations fell short of reality. Possibly, you’re looking for a way to earn money before beginning your graduate studies. Enter temp jobs!

Working a temp job is a great way to test out a certain job or industry. You get to see what the day-to-day is like, learn the dynamics of working in a team or at an office, and determine if this is the industry in which you want to pursue a full-time career. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to get experience in different industries and develop a diversified skill set.

You can get your foot in the door
You might have a short-list of companies you’d like to work at. When you begin your search, though, that company may not have a full-time opening available. But they may have a temp one. It’s common for companies to hire their temp workers or freelancers since they already understand the company’s mission and culture.

If you don’t get hired full-time after your temp assignment and apply for a full-time job at the same company in the future, your experience will give you an edge. Stay in contact with your co-workers and former boss to maintain a relationship, cultivate references, and stay updated.

They’re a short commitment
The length of temp positions varies: They can be long or short. Keep job hunting while working your temp gig so that if you land your dream job you won’t be locked into a long-term commitment. Also, if you’re not enjoying your current temp gig, don’t worry – it’ll be over soon.

They’re an immediate source of money
Student loan debt is real. If you’re not employed right out of college, working temp gigs can help you earn money while you search for a full-time position and have some source of stable income. It also allows you to search for the best full-time position for you and not leave you with taking the first job offer you get to pay the bills.

Many of the people Equiliem place work on project-or-need based assignments. We understand that people need support and consistent livelihood. Figuring out what you want to do with your life isn’t an easy choice but we’re here to help you work it out!

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About Equiliem

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