Roots of Success: Matthew Selverian

For this Roots of Success article, we talked with Matthew Selverian who leads Equiliem’s team of healthcare staffing professionals. He is responsible for the division’s growth and strategic direction. He illustrates how he keeps his team moving through challenges, toward success.  

Success Is a Practice 

In 2021, amid the pandemic, healthcare professionals were scarce, and even the most passionate were burned out, exhausted, and not looking for opportunities. But a client needed 100 contractors within 60 days, so Matthew Selverian, Equiliem’s VP of Healthcare Staffing, and his team prepared for the challenge. 

The team rolled up their sleeves and worked together to devise the delivery strategy. Everyone pushed hard, tried new approaches, and committed to not cutting corners. “We put everything we had into it, and we stayed engaged every step of the way,” Selverian said.  

As with many projects, things often change along the way. A few weeks before the deadline, the customer changed their request, making the task much more complicated. Yet, Selverian and his team remained determined.  

Although the team ended up falling just short of the recruiting goal, Selverian did not feel defeated. He knew they had done their best in the situation. “I knew how hard we worked; we gave it our all. It took two additional weeks to onboard the total number of contractors to be fully staffed,” he said.  

And in the end, the clients weren’t only understanding, they were impressed. “The clients appreciated our ability to rise to challenges with a problem-solving approach, and to be a true partner in implementing the project,” he said.  

The clients applauded the team’s transparency and dedication and gave them additional placement opportunities after the deadline. The relationship continued to blossom. Selverian said, “Today, both parties involved in the project are huge proponents for us.” 

While this event was one example of sticking in for the win, Selverian said he defines success as a practice: it’s consistently approaching situations by taking responsibility, remaining honest, and focusing on solutions rather than finger-pointing. 

Selverian said the best advice he’s been given is to focus on finding solutions and to save analyzing what to do differently for later. “It’s never about blame. It’s about exploring alternatives to improve for next time,” he said. 

On Finding Fulfillment 

Selverian and his wife have two busy teenagers involved in school, sports, and other activities. He has fun attending their events and spending quality time with his wife, and when it comes to balancing life and work, for Selverian it’s about being engaged in what you’re doing at the moment and making time for what matters. When he’s at work, he’s all-in, which brings him fulfillment, and the same goes for when he’s home.   

Selverian said he sees “work-life balance” as something that has to be defined personally rather than a concept that a company provides. “For me, it is about the feeling of personal fulfillment in what I am experiencing at home and at work.” 

Leading Isn’t a Popularity Contest 

Like any leader, Selverian recognizes that he can’t please everyone involved. He said, “I do my best to make the most informed decision possible, but I never think I have the absolute, or the only right answer. There are times I am wrong.”  

In Selverian’s opinion, the best a leader can do is share their reasoning. From his experience, if someone understands “the Why,” then most of the time, they can accept the outcome—even if it wasn’t their choice. “I understand everyone isn’t going to agree with everything I say, but they’ll understand the reason behind it,” he said. He said he has found this approach gains more respect among team members in the long run.  

Evolution of Patience  

As his career has evolved, so has Selverian’s patience level. “The more I confront difficult decisions, the more I avoid jumping to conclusions. I make fewer assumptions than when I began my career, and I ask more questions.” 

Selverian said he gets to practice his patience at work and at home as his children step toward adulthood. He said, “With teenagers, there is a need to explain why but to also understand their point of view. My wife and I are excited for this stage of our children’s lives and look forward to watching them navigate high school, college, and early adulthood. Being conscience to be patient with my girls and understand what they are experiencing allows me to enjoy this stage of life even more.”  

Excitement Ahead 

Selverian coaches his team on three foundational steps: strategy, implementation, and execution. He relishes being able to help others understand the business and think through challenging situations.  

“At Equiliem, the sky is the limit. Expectations are high, and it’s exciting to help people be part of that. It’s a world of opportunity ahead,” Selverian said. 


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