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Shrink Job Offer Lag Time to Win Top Talent

Shrink Job Offer Lag Time to Cut Waste and Win Top Talent

The hiring journey is often fraught with challenges and disappointments, particularly the pain of losing a high-quality candidate. It’s a scenario many employers know all too well: after a lengthy recruitment process, your perfect candidate continues to interview with other companies and ultimately accepts a different offer. This loss is not just about missing out on a great hire; it’s also about the time and resources wasted that could have been saved by streamlining the hiring process.

Factors Slowing Down the Hiring Process

The healthcare sector exemplifies how intricate and prolonged the hiring process can be. Background checks and reference verifications are just the tip of the iceberg. In healthcare, licensing and credentialing add another layer of complexity. Candidates may need to update or transfer their licenses across states, a process that can take weeks. This necessity is compounded by the requirement for specialized skills and current knowledge, such as a candidate’s alignment with value-based care principles.

Employers seeking precise qualifications narrow the pool of eligible applicants, further complicating the hiring process. Clinical competency assessments and multi-step interview processes are standard but can add significant delays. With the ongoing shortages in fields like nursing and competition for specialized talent, the pressure to make timely decisions intensifies.

How the Right Partner Can Remove Roadblocks

For employers, partnering with the right recruiting firm can be a way to expedite hiring without sacrificing quality. A good recruiting partner enhances the experience for both employers and candidates, it means gaining access to a robust pipeline of candidates, including passive candidates who may not be actively looking but are open to the right opportunities.

Matthew Selverian, VP of Healthcare at Equiliem explains, “Speed in recruiting is built on the foundation of a relationship of understanding technical requirements and nuances. We believe in a dedicated team approach focused on building relationships with our clients in healthcare and working professionals. Having a partner who is building with you for the long run makes it possible to accomplish shorter hiring cycles consistently over time.”

Selverian adds that a recruiting partner’s ability to stay on top of market insights and trends, and how they may dovetail with an employer’s culture, can contribute to significantly faster times to fill vacant positions. For example, Selverian said, “How does the client’s care delivery model harness a nurse’s competence and compassion? Are staffing levels aligned with prioritizing patient care and the wellbeing of staff?”

Benefits for Candidates

From the candidate’s perspective, a recruiting partner acts as a vital communication bridge between them and potential employers. They ensure that information flows smoothly in both directions, keeping the candidate engaged and well-informed about the progress and next steps in the hiring process. This engagement helps maintain the candidate’s interest and commitment throughout the potentially lengthy process.

“Candidates like working with a third party, because we prioritize building strong, lasting relationships with them. It’s not just about filling a position; it’s about supporting career aspirations and adapting to life’s changes,” Selverian said. “For instance, when a candidate is looking to relocate or advance their career, they reach out to us because they trust our ability to find them a position that suits their goals. It’s a trust and rapport that helps us find the right fit for them and quickly fill needs for our employer clients.”

Faster Hires and Less Waste

Inaction creates an impact. The longer it takes to make an offer, the higher the risk of losing top talent to competitors. This not only leads to wasted time and effort but also missed opportunities that could have a lasting impact on your organization’s operational effectiveness and morale. The right third-party recruiting industry specialist can be a solution to shrink the lag time. Recruiting partner relationships deliver the most when approached as a collaborative, evolving alliance.

Recruiting partnerships go beyond recruitment optimization—it’s a crucial long-term business strategy. The right partner team will invest in building relationships, bring efficiency to each step of the hiring process, and ensure that the match between employer and candidate is a solid fit.

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