What Do Recruiters Do?

We talk about recruiters a lot. Seeing as we’re in the business of staffing, it’s only natural to talk about recruitment. But what does a recruiter do?

Recruiters have many duties, but their main goal is to find and attract top candidates for openings. We’re breaking down some of the responsibilities:

Understand the Client’s Needs
In order to successfully fill a role for a client, it’s important to know what the client needs. It varies across positions, companies, and industries so the best way to get this insight is to understand that company’s mission and workplace culture.

At Equiliem, we have long-standing relationships with both our clients and candidates, which enables our recruiters to make the best match.

Identify Top Talent
A crucial part of a recruiter’s job is to find top talent. After understanding the role and what an ideal candidate may look like, it’s up to them to find the talent that will best fit the requirements. Many source candidates from their professional databases, others use social and professional networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.

Many of our top recruiters will combine their professional network and online efforts to find the perfect candidate for a job.

Write and Post Job Descriptions
Thirty percent of job seekers have left a job within the first 90 days, most often because the day-to-day role wasn’t what was expected, according to a recent survey. Less than half of workers believe that the job descriptions reflect actual responsibilities. Based off these stats, it’s safe to say writing a job description is important.

It’s also something a recruiter might do. In the job description, recruiters must include qualifications and insight into who the ideal candidate is and what skills they have.

EQUILIEM Take: Coaching Candidates
Recruiters will help our candidates with their resumes. We discuss outlines and what to include. Our Talent Engagement team ensures that resumes are professionally formatted and provide an accurate representation of the candidate.

Our recruiters will also prep candidates for the client. We discuss dos and don’ts (don’t be late), what to wear (it’s better to be overdressed), and what questions to ask during the interview (always have a few prepared).

Coordinate and Conduct Interviews
Recruiters may coordinate interviews for candidates to meet with their client or possibly conduct interviews on behalf of the client either in person or over the phone. This can get complicated quickly, trying to coordinate times, dates, and locations while not double-booking interviews. Regardless, recruiters with the candidate’s resume and questions.

Follow Up with Candidates
Recruiters need to keep their candidates updated on their status throughout the entire hiring process, from post-interview feedback to whether they made it to the next step. It’s both professional and polite to communicate with candidates, as ghosting has spilled over to both sides of the process.

Extend Job Offers
Recruiters are responsible for extending a job offer to a candidate after the hiring process is completed. This may be over the phone, in-person, or in writing. They must also notify the candidates who were not offered the position. Additionally, recruiters may oversee negotiating pay rates and assisting with the onboarding process.

At Equiliem, we have a team dedicated to walking our newly placed candidates through the onboarding process.

Stay in Touch with Clients and Candidates
Recruiters should keep in touch with candidates and clients, from initial contact to post-placement. Periodical check-ins help maintain and develop good relationships, especially with unsuccessful candidates that may be good fits for future roles.

At Equiliem, we know that once a candidate is placed and becomes an employee, it doesn’t mean the job is done. Our recruiters follow up after the first day and/or the first week of the candidate’s assignment and every other week after, to see how the job is going.

“The Equiliem recruiting team always wants to give our candidates the best service we can,” says Brian Petralia, Managing Director of Staffing. “We add value by being available 24/7 to discuss any concerns or situations whether a candidate is working for us or currently seeking employment.”

Recruiters play a vital role in any company. At Equiliem, our recruiters work hard to find the best candidates and match them with the right employment opportunities. After all, Petralia says “today’s candidates can be tomorrow’s clients.”

About Equiliem
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About Equiliem

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Across the U.S., leading companies in healthcare, government, light industrial manufacturing, professional services, and energy rely on us for their workforce solutions. Our recruiting and HR services include contract and direct hire staffing, Payrolling/EOR, Independent Contractor Compliance, and Managed Services.

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