4 Tips for a Motivated Job Search

Staying motivated during a job search can be difficult. A successful job search takes time and energy. Equiliem is dedicated to empowering and encouraging our candidates and clients as they look for the right fit.

Check out these tips to stay encouraged and motivated in your job search:

Tip #1: Write Your Career Goals Down

Studies have proved that the most effective way to get things done is to physically write them down on paper. By writing down your goals you are reaffirming the action needed to be taken, will be. It works as a great reminder and it will feel great when you accomplish that goal and can cross it off your list. After you cross it off, modify it and add on to that goal!

Tip #2: Take a Break

The search starts to get frustrating and tiring when you are applying to several jobs, adjusting your resume, and re-writing cover letters. We recommend taking one or two break days between applications and interviews to remove stress and clear your mind. When you go back to the search, you will feel refocused and energized.

Tip #3: Evaluate Your Progress

If you feel that things are getting redundant and you are not moving forward, take a step back and reevaluate where you stand. This is a good time to update your resume and review your applications. Look for patterns where you did not see the results you were hoping for and where you were successful. Keeping track of this will help you to put your best foot forward and optimize your chances.

Tip #4: Consider Alternative Types of Work

If you are currently narrowing your search to strictly full-time opportunities, try applying to some temporary opportunities. Keeping an open mind and exploring jobs that are contingent or contract will increase your chances to make good impressions with ideal employers, open doors that were otherwise closed, allow you to build professional relationships with recruiters, and is a great way to start getting paid.

Equiliem’s mission is to connect our applicants and clients with the right employment solutions. We offer many opportunities for contract positions as well as direct hires.  Be sure to follow the above tips to stay encouraged on your job hunt and check out our current opportunities here.

About Equiliem
Equiliem (www.equiliem.com) is a leading workforce solutions provider offering companies nationwide recruiting and HR services. Solutions include recruiting services for contract and direct-hire, Employer of Record (EOR)/Payroll, Independent Contractor Compliance, and Managed Services.

Equiliem’s client roster includes top companies in Healthcare, Government, Energy, Consumer Goods, Professional Services, Light Industrial Manufacturing, and others.

About Equiliem

Equiliem (www.equiliem.com) believes in empowering success. It’s our job to cultivate relationships that connect people and employers in a way that is inclusive, intelligent, and allows both to thrive. 

Across the U.S., leading companies in healthcare, government, light industrial manufacturing, professional services, and energy rely on us for their workforce solutions. Our recruiting and HR services include contract and direct hire staffing, Payrolling/EOR, Independent Contractor Compliance, and Managed Services.

Since 1995, we’ve helped shape our industry. Today, we continue to research, ask questions, and continuously enhance the candidate journey and client experience.